Sustainable travel by night train

Traveling by train can be tedious, but it doesn't have to be.

In the attached article from Watson, different cities are presented that can be easily reached by night train from Zurich. You will also find tips for booking tickets and information about ticket prices on this link.

Quelle: Watson

I have already tested the connection from Zurich to Vienna myself and can only recommend it.

Traveling by train is stress-free, comfortable and you do not lose a day of travel because you sleep during the trip!

Another benefit - you do something good for the environment.


But is traveling by train more sustainable? - CLEARLY YES! 

From the European Environment Agency Report No 19/2020, the following data emerges:

In 2018, the transport sector accounted for 25% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions. The emissions of this sector are mainly due to road transport (72%), while the share of maritime transport and air transport in the emissions is 14% and 13%, respectively. In contrast, the share of rail transport is 0.4% (emissions from diesel trains only).


how often do you use rail for ...?


Source: EEA


So, remember - the wise one travels by train! (Werner Belmont)


  • Source: Tom Grunbauer - usplash
  • Source: Florian Weichelt - unsplash