Wädenswil's Approach to Sustainable Fashion (by Joel)

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Wädenswil is actively promoting sustainable living through second-hand clothing. This approach is practical, reduces waste and supports the local economy.

To reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, used clothing offers a simple solution. The production of new fashion pieces is a resource-intensive process that requires significant amounts of water and energy and generates also a high amount of waste. By choosing used clothing, the citizens of Wädenswil are directly contributing to reducing this demand, conserving resources and minimizing waste. This choice reflects a growing awareness and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Modebörse: A local driver for sustainable fashion

Modebörse is proactive stance on sustainable fashion. More than just a marketplace for buying, selling or bartering clothing and accessories, Modebörse embodies the principle of circular fashion. By facilitating the reuse and recycling of clothes, Modebörse challenges the prevailing fast-fashion culture and promotes longevity in the use of clothing. It's a platform that not only supports sustainability, but also brings the community together, creating a space for exchange that goes beyond mere transactions.

Environmental impact: There is a tangible reduction in the consumption of resources and production of waste associated with clothing manufacturing. This shift to used clothing contributes to a broader effort to combat environmental degradation.

Economic benefits: Local businesses and entrepreneurs involved in the thrift market find a supportive community in Wädenswil. This environment fosters economic activity and sustainability, which benefits the local economy.

Community Involvement: Events like the Modebörse not only facilitate the exchange of goods, but also create opportunities for residents to come together, share values and work toward a common goal of sustainability. This engagement strengthens community ties and fosters a shared sense of environmental responsibility.

Wädenswil's initiative in promoting used clothing and organizing events such as the Mode Börse provides a blueprint for other cities seeking to integrate sustainability into their communities. The city's experience shows that practical and actionable steps can lead to meaningful environmental, economic and social benefits. By prioritizing the reuse of goods, promoting local economic opportunities and engaging the community, cities can make significant strides toward sustainability.


Wädenswil's commitment to sustainable fashion, highlighted through its support for second-hand stores and the successful implementation of Modebörse, illustrates the practical steps communities can take to address environmental challenges. This approach not only reduces the ecological footprint associated with clothing but also enriches the local economy and strengthens community ties.



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I like this idea!

It is an unique way of buying and having clothes that you can dispose of them, without having to spend a lot of money!

PS: I like variety in my wardrobe

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The article effectively highlights Wädenswil's commitment to sustainable fashion through the promotion of second-hand clothing and the Modebörse initiative. It is both informative and motivating, showcasing the environmental, economic, and community benefits of this approach. To further enhance the article, consider including personal stories or testimonials from participants to add a more relatable and human touch.