Giving Furniture a Second Life in Wädenswil: The Brockenstube Way


The Brockenstube Wädenswil proving that one person's departure can be another's beginning. With each piece of furniture it receives, Brockenstube Wädenswil breathes new life into wooden frames and fabric, challenging our throwaway culture and inviting the community to embrace sustainability.

Imagine a chair, once a central piece in someone's home, now deemed surplus. At Brockenstube, this chair does not signify the end but a new chapter. Through careful sorting, repairing, and sometimes even a bit of creativity, the chair is prepared for its next home, its story extended rather than cut short.

Brockenstube's efforts transcend the physical act of selling second-hand furniture. They foster a community mindset that values sustainability, encourages sharing, and reduces waste. It's a testament to Wädenswil's commitment to a greener future, where goods are circulated within the community, minimizing environmental impact.

This movement is more than a trend; it's a shift in how we view our belongings. Brockenstube invites everyone to participate, whether by donating furniture you no longer need or choosing to furnish your home with pre-loved items. It's a simple yet powerful way to contribute to our planet's health and our community's vibrancy.

The impact of choosing to reuse and pass on furniture extends far beyond the initial act. It reduces the demand for new products, lessens the burden on landfills, and saves resources. Moreover, it strengthens our community bonds and reminds us of our collective responsibility to our environment.

Written by Emanuel Steiger


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I will definitely try this out. Seems sustainable and a easy to way to buy furniture at low price!!!

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The article eloquently emphasizes the importance of giving furniture a second life through Brockenstube Wädenswil, promoting sustainability and community values. It is both insightful and inspiring, encouraging readers to rethink their consumption habits. To further enhance the article, including success stories or testimonials from people who have donated to or purchased from Brockenstube could add a personal touch and motivate greater participation.