Borrow toys instead of buying them - everyone can find exciting things in the Ludothek

Children should be able to play and experience as many different stimuli as possible. Playing supports learning and promotes social skills. But what family doesn't know this? The children's room and even the parlour are overflowing with toys. According to the Swiss Toy Association, over CHF 500 million is spent on toys in Switzerland every year. That's over CHF 200 per child per year! Hence the question: "Does it always have to be new and own toys?" 

A good, sustainable and inexpensive alternative is offered by toy libraries, i.e. a place where toys can be borrowed. A toy library offers children and adults the opportunity to discover and try out new play ideas. In a toy library, board games and toys can be borrowed at favourable conditions. The eyes of young and old will light up when they can try something new every few weeks.

Unfortunately, there is currently no toy library in Wädenswil itself. But don't despair, the next toy library isn't far!

The following 3 "Ludotheken" are nearby:

  •  board games promote motor skills
  • Playmobil, Galoppspielpferd und bellender Plüschhund finden Kinder super