My story to save water


Saving water, drop by drop

Did you know, that the average Swiss adult uses almost 300 liter of best drinking water per day? Most of this precious ressource is used to flash the toilet, shower, washing etc. On average, in 2020 each Swiss consumed 296 liters of best drinking water ( Water is a very special and precious ressource. Every drop matters, that we save.

What can I do about it? I started to think about my daily habits and routines which I might change easily. By just washing my hands in another way I can save each time almost 1 liter of water. Since I wash my hands on average at least 10 times per day I can save an amout of more than 3650 l liters per year!! A small habit, that I can easily implement has an impact!

Now here is what I do:

  • first I wet my hands, then immediatley I turn off the tap.
  • then I take the soap and thouroughly cover my hands with soap.
  • then I reopen the tap to rinse my hands!

This is a small new routine but since I wash my hands several times per  day, it saves a lot of water!


Another story to share: if you have a garden, this might be an idea: When I wash my vegetabels, fruits etc. I  wash it  in a bowel. Then I rinse the water in the garden, either immediatly or I save the used water in a can to water the plants later.

Christine Brombach

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