Flavour from Scratch

  • kitchen knife on top of a pile of carrot peel
  • green monosodic glutamate free label

Once upon a time, I used to love experimenting with new recipes and different spice blends. However, one day, as I was reading the labels on my industrial broth and spice containers, I realized that I couldn't even pronounce half of the ingredients listed on them! This realization made me concerned about the unknown chemicals and additives that I was putting in my food. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own homemade broth using vegetable scraps and chicken bones.

  • cube of industrial dried broth

But it wasn't always easy. Sometimes, I doubted whether my broth would be tasty enough or whether I was just wasting my time and filling my fridge with a bunch of “waste” until I could cook it. But with every pot of goodness that simmered on my stove, I gained more confidence and started to notice a real difference in the taste of my dishes.

  • homeade broth on a pot

As for the spice blends, I found that I could easily mix my own using fresh herbs and spices from my garden or local market. It did require a bit more effort than simply opening a jar, but the satisfaction of creating something unique and delicious was well worth it.

Now, whenever I invite friends over for a meal, I proudly proclaim that my broth and spices are homemade. While some may roll their eyes at my hippie-dippie approach, others can't get enough of the delicious, all-natural flavours. And whatever I have left from all the cooking just goes back to my garden of herbs in my tiny balcony.


  • green herbs cultivated on a garden pot

And the possibilities are broad, I don’t have to stick to one recipe every time, I never get tired of my own cooking, cause some vegetables I consume are seasonal, so from time to time it’s always changing. So, to all the home cooks out there, don't be afraid to ditch the industrial stuff and get creative with your own homemade broth and spices. You may just surprise yourself with how delicious it can be!

  • homade yellow broth


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