Gardening Guide Us to Sustainable Live Around the World  

Repeating the expertise in the school of Tafers commune – canton Fribourg - Switzerland, where the students learn how to create and take care of their vegetables such as lettuce and basil. 

The students grow vegetables, using only a stone substrate nourished by water and a little liquid fertilizer with noting the right dosage. 

Such educational initiatives contribute greatly to educate the new generations about the gardening and hydroponic system, teaching them how to invest their environmental resources in a renewable and aware manner that preserves and sustains the global for them and the following generation.

Encourage the habitants to own their home plant, and harvest, and how to maintain through courses and workshops offered by entrepreneurs/farmers or through social networking pages that will be useful to direct habitants to change their shopping path from conventional crops to home plant crops.

Gardening can be an effective way to live a sustainable lifestyle leading us to reduce our carbon footprint. Stimulate us to think about how to compost our kitchen and garden waste to create nutrient-rich soil for our garden. Lead us to think about how to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation or drip irrigation to avoid evaporation. Accordingly, the methane gas amount which is released from landfills and contributes to climate change dilemma is reduced and dwindled.  

Following these methods can become a sustainable and fulfilling way to live. 


  • Source: Unsplash