Get to know your fruits and vegetables

  • Foto von Giuseppe CUZZOCREA auf Unsplash

Foto von Giuseppe CUZZOCREA auf Unsplash

and prevent Food Waste.


Did you ever wonder, which fruits and vegetables need to be stored at what temperature? Do they all have to be kept in the fridge? Which ones can I store together? These are all crucial questions when it comes to preventing food from spoilage and therefore generating food waste. And save some money too.

The article attached here from answers all these questions by providing helpful charts to help you optimize your kitchen storage and the handling of your produce:

For example, did you know that basil, cucumbers and green beans are best stored at room temperature? Or that asparagus and many herbs can be kept fresh by treating them like flowers and put them in a vase?

In the article you’ll find out how apples can help ripen or spoil other fruits and vegetables. Also, you can learn when to wash different kinds of produce and how to store sliced fruits and vegetables.


These simple measures can help you reduce food waste!

You don’t need any new equipment or additional time, you just need to know. For more detailed information and further suggestions on what to do in this regard also visit


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