Mr. Green: Recycling made easy

  • The aim of Mr. Green: From linear to Circular Economy
  • collection of Mr. Green bags

"From linear to Circular Economy" is the mission of Mr. Green and it all turns around the three principles of Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. Their service consists from the collection of the provided Mr. Green bags (monthly or byweekly depending on your suscription), in which costumers can put 14 different recycling materials all in the same bag. From batteries to aluminium to electronic devices or paper, everything that is recycyble can be given to Mr. Green and they sort out the material and make sure it will be brought back in its cycle as best as possible. Further Mr. Green provides practical, longlasting products out of recycling material for the household, produced in a fair, supporting and respectful surrounding.

A concept that is as simple as ingenious. But it is not only focused about the solving of environmental issues, it also has social sustainability and fairness at its core. No matter what course of life or with which impairment, everyone finds a place at Mr. Green, and it is with that a role model for an inclusive society. In addition, they motivate and inform people about small changes towards sustainability in everyday life and make the life of their customers easier with as little effort as possible. A very smart idea with a big impact on several levels, I wouldn't want to miss it anymore!

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