How to sterilize food

Whenever I have left-over food, I have many option what do do with it. I just want to give some inspirations, of what you might do with left-over food.

The worst option is, of course!!, just dumping it in the trash! On average, Swiss waste more than 330kg of food along the food chain per person per year.  That is incredible and of course I do not want to do that. Naturally, I could have eaten up the food, but what if I am really full? There are many option, on what I could do in my situation:

  • put it in fridge - that is easy - in case when the fridge is ful l-  now that is another story...but needs attention!!
  • freeze it, second best idea - it takes energy...
  • sterilze it, second best option
  • invite friends or share it, of course best option (besides, not cooking so much)

Problem is, friends do not always have time to come over to my home, or I just don't know how to sterilize or I do not have equipments for it?

I am lucky, I have a steamer which allows to sterilize food in a fast and easy manner. Since  do have a lot of guests or familiy sharing the table, I usually prepare a lot intentionally. "Left-overs" are then filled in heat-resistant jars and then sterilized in the steamer. What I really like about sterilizing is, that food is ready at hand. There is no need to de-frost it (using energy again) but most of it is ready to use. be continued......not finisehd yet....